Dedicated Connectivity Solutions

A leased line is a dedicated, fixed-band-width data connection – reserved exclusively for your use - your business internet connection with a fibre line directly to your business premises. 

Delivering a reliable, high-quality internet connection – a leased line guarantees ultra-fast, symmetrical upload and download speeds, reliable up time and resilience. Ultimately, any business with a high reliance on data, cloud-based applications or phone and broadband services for its day to day operations should be considering investing in leased line connectivity.

When it comes to unrivalled reliability and uncompromised speed, a leased line delivers compete peace of mind. As a trusted and highly experienced provider of leased lines for businesses across the UK, the expertise of our team is second to none. With technical support available around the clock, 24/7 service monitoring and a team of in-house engineers, with Brighter IT by your side, you can do business with confidence. Connected at all times.

Symmetrical speeds up to 10Gbp
  • Whether you’re processing huge volumes of data, operating multi-site VoIP phone systems, downloading or uploading hefty files or making the most of cloud-based applications, you can rely on equally fast upload and download speeds of up to 10 Gbps, at any time of the day. No matter the task. Essential for any busy business.
Wireless business leased lines
A wireless leased line high connectivity speeds that rival a typical wired leased line, all without the additional cost of the installation of an internet circuit to support the connection. Our wireless leased lines offer a flexible and scalable solution with superfast speeds and guaranteed connectivity with symmetrical upload and download speeds with an uncontended bandwidth. Plus, the speed and ease of installation, maintenance and upgrades means the costs stay low.
Benefits of a business leased line (DIA) 
  • Security - A private business leased line connection means there is less chance of sensitive or personal data being intercepted in transit, than if you are relying upon a shared network. You’ll still need to use data protection methods such as encryption to maximise protection but a leased line certainly strengthens security levels.
  • Exceptional performance - Enjoy equally fast upload and download speeds, plus uninterrupted connectivity, at all times. Whether you’re transferring hefty data files, hosting servers, using a VoIP phone system, connecting your teams with video conferencing or tapping into the world of cloud-based applications, you can rely on a leased line to keep you connected.  
  • Future proof connectivity - Ambitious? Keen to see your business develop and grow? If you’re looking to build your business, increase the size of your team or embrace new cloud-based technology, you’ll need an internet connection that’s robust. A dedicated internet leased line delivers rock-solid performance and that’s capable of supporting your business., now and into the future.  
  • No usage limits - Unlike broadband, there are no usage caps on the volume of data you can transfer. So, even when your business is at its busiest, you won’t face additional charges or unexpected bills for exceeding your data allowance. Meaning you stay firmly in control of your budget.
  • Unrivalled speed - The key benefits to investing in a business leased line connection is simple – speed. The symmetrical upload and download speed of up to 10Gbps will transform the way you do business – faster, stronger and future-proof. Not to mention the fact that the leased line is completely dedicated to service your business, meaning external factors wont impage your services.
  • Future proof connectivity - With years of expertise in delivering and backing data connectivity services, should there be any disruptions to your service, our dedicated support team and nationwide group of leased line engineers will swiftly restore your operations.
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