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In the biggest change to telecommunications in 30 years, PSTN and ISDN services will be switched off by December 2025.

This means that connectivity will no longer be supported by traditional copper telephone lines. The future is data only, Single Order broadband such as SOGEA, or Single Order Generic Ethernet Access.

What is SOGEA?
  • A data-only broadband solution that is provisioned on a single order
  • Does not include voice services or a WLR/MPF line
  • Voice becomes an Over The Top (OTT) service like any other data service
  • Based on the current FTTC technology, using a combination of copper and fibre technology, without requiring a traditional telephony connection
Features and benefits:
  • Future-proof connectivity to prepare your business for the PSTN withdrawal
  • Available to 28 million UK premises
  • Easy migration journeys with less than 5 minutes downtime
  • Simple to support
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