Security Solutions

Protecting your company from cybersecurity threats through world-class technology designed for performance, transparency, and cost effectiveness.
  • Industry-leading Windows, Mac and Linux workstation security with protection against malware, trojans and backdoors
  • Cloud-based threat analysis powered by big data and machine learning
  • Identification of zero-day attacks through heuristic and behavioral analysis
  • Multi-engine malware protection offering superior protection compared to traditional technologies
  • IBrowsing protection preventing end-users from visiting malicious sites
  • Windows server protection for Windows terminal and file servers with integrated patch management
  • Exchange protection scanning email bodies and attachments for malicious content
  • SharePoint protection scanning SharePoint content uploads and downloads
  • Certified Citrix protection with patch management for published applications
  • Linux protection providing core security capabilities for Linux clients
  • Cloud-based management on a single console that saves time and resources from IT
  • AI-driven technology that integrates across all your devices and fences your business from cybersecurity threats
  • Smooth and fast transition from one vendor to our ¬†endpoint security
  • Self-managed service or fully outsourced management by a certified service provider
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